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Healing Massage brought to you in the comfort of your own home!

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Important Update!  

I am currently out of town!

I left my lovely home in Sedona, Arizona temporarily on 11/1/2023 and am currently in China where I am training with The Shaolin Temple Yunnan!  I will be back earliest around 2/13/2023, but I may stay for up to a whole year maximum.   

Until then, I hope you all find another great massage therapist to take care of you!

Much love and blessings,


* I will update my site when I'm back home, so if you see this, chances are I'm still training and traveling in China!

“You must gain balance within yourself before you can bring balance to the world.”

 - Guru Pathik


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Healing Services


Treat yourself with a Swedish, Lomi - Lomi or Lymph Drainage relaxation massage, Reiki and Qi energy healing - customizable to your liking so that you can relax, recover and rejuvenate inside and out! 

My rate is based on a sliding scale of $120 (minimum) -$222 / hour (meaning you can pay me anything within this range). 90 minutes would be equivalent to $180-$282.

Relaxation Massage/
Energy Healing


Chair Massage

I also am offering Chair Massage as it is extremely portable and just as comfortable as a table.  Chair massage is perfect for working out tension in the neck, back, shoulders and arms.  Chair massage is a good option for businesses or events that are willing to treat their employees/guests to 15-30 minute massages!

My rate is based on a sliding scale of $120 (minimum) -$222 / hour (meaning you can pay me anything within this range). 90 minutes would be equivalent to $180-$282.



Cupping is a Traditional Chinese Medicine modality which involves placing suction cups on areas where there may be tightness/muscle adhesions.  Cupping helps to reduce muscle pain, increases blood flow and the pace of healing, can promote relaxation and reduces inflammation.  Include cupping with any service for an addition $20, or you could even just do a 30 minute cupping/relaxation massage session for $45!

Call, E-mail, or message me with your inquiry!


Deep Therapeutic Massage

I offer deep pressure massage services such as Deep Tissue, Triggerpoint, Thai, Shiatsu (Acupressure) - all which can help to relieve deeper muscle tension and to remove adhesions (knots).  Most people come to see me for deep tissue work as I'm one of the best, if not the best deep tissue practitioner in Sedona!

My rate is based on a sliding scale of $120 (minimum) -$222 / hour (meaning you can pay me anything within this range). 90 minutes would be equivalent to $180-$282.


Events / Contractor work

I'm always willing to collaborate and provide my services, so contact me with an inquiry and we could make something great happen!

Call, E-mail, or message me for pricing!


Private Qi Gong Session/Yoga and Personal Training/Herbal Medicine Inquiries

I can provide guidance for those who are willing to learn about and practice Qi Gong and Yoga.  I can also provide support/advice to people who are seeking holistic/herbal healing solutions!

Call, E-mail, or message me with your inquiry!

*Traveling Fees: 

First Appointments in Sedona include no extra travel expense!  Otherwise, traveling fee's will be $1 per minute of transportation in addition to the service price.  (Ex.  If it takes me 30 minutes to drive to your location, the service will be $30 extra.)




My name is Alexander Roy Witkin, but "You Can Call Me Al" - like that catchy 80's classic! I graduated from Healing Hands School of Holistic Health in Laguna Hills, California on January 1, 2018 with 1,000 hours as a Holistic Health Practitioner and have been doing body work ever since!  Holistic health is something I have great passion for.  When one sees the body as a Temple for the Soul, anchoring our Spiritual aspect into the physical, health and well-being become essentially linked to stability and growth.  It's an honor and a privilege to help people with the skills that I’ve learned and I'm always excited about opportunities to learn more!  I’ve worked for a number of different Spa's and Chiropractors offering table and chair massage - including a variety of modalities such as Deep Tissue/Trigger Point, Sports Massage, Swedish, Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi, Thai, Shiatsu, Ayurvedic and Reiki.  I’m passionate about movement, health and the pure wonder that is the human body.  I practice Yoga (consistently for 5 years) and Qi Gong (for 4.5 years) every day to keep my Mind, Body and Spirit energized and healthy.  In addition to massage, I practice energetic healing modalities like Reiki and can channel the Qi (energy) that I gather and cultivate from Universal Source as a result of my daily practice.  By practicing Yoga, Qi Gong and Martial Arts, I have developed a high level of physical conditioning, body awareness and Spirit.  I became an Apprentice of the Renowned Medical Qi Gong Master and PHD, Master Hong Liu after reading his book, "Mastering Miracles".  I was deeply captivated by this memoir and sought out to contact him in hopes that I could learn more about Qi Gong and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  Master Hong only uses TCM due to his direct experience of seeing how effective it can be.  Him and his teachers have helped many people recover from cancer and other illnesses despite the fact that many of those people were told to be terminally ill by their doctors.  I began my foundation practice with Shifu Hong in Hawaii from 12/12/18 - 4/10/19.  I've personally experienced how such energetic work can perform healing miracles for people - in order for such miracles to occur, both the patient and practitioner must be ready for the healing to take place and therefore all doubt needs to be relinquished.  When this happens - miracles are able to happen and profound healing can take place!


Book With Me


Sedona / Cornville / Cottonwood


I'm available to meet at your home, or at any place you feel comfortable!


I also have a beautiful space in my home if you'd prefer to come to my location, contact me for more details!


Text, Call or E-mail:

(928) 362-0220


Potential Availability

Monday - Sunday: 7am - 8pm


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